Why the Foundation is the Most Important Part of a Building

Laying the foundation may look like an easy part of the construction process. However, the foundation is an essential part of an entire building. Any mistake made when laying the foundation keeps getting worse. And this is called a compounding defect, meaning that your mistakes will continue to grow.

For instance, you can notice that the slab foundation is 3/4” per square when starting the framing process. It is also ½” out of the level across your entire building. But, you can think this is easy to handle by adjusting the framing.

After framing, you will proceed to the roof. You may notice the house is now 1” out of the square foot, as well as ¾” out of the level. But, you might think you will capture this in roof framing. Unfortunately, the square panels may not fit on the out of the square roof by the time the metal roof appears. That means you have to find a way to make the roof work. By the time you finish roofing, everybody will quickly notice the out of the square roof. And this will all be due to a simple foundation mistake.

The Entire House Sits on the Foundation

The foundation is the most crucial part of a building because the entire house sits on it. Therefore, focus attention on every detail of the foundation. If the builder skimps here, a mistake that isn’t easy to fix can happen.

As such, you should consider investing extra dollars in adding more rebar to the foundation slab. Make sure that your building has a foundation that meets the highest standards. Ensure that your foundation rebar is of the right size and laid out in an appropriate spacing for geological/soil conditions.

Pay attention to the slab and foundation layout. Also, start finishing trowelling when there is no water at the top of your foundation slab.

Overall, working with the best contractor is the best way to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your building.