New Construction Upgrades That Are Not Worth Your Money

Not every construction upgrade is worth investing in when making your home better. In some cases, you won’t recoup the amount you spend on some upgrades if you sell your home. Here are new construction upgrades that are not worth your money.

Wood Floors

Installing wooden flooring is an unpopular upgrade for new construction. That’s because wood floors are prone to water damage and scratches despite being expensive to install. Therefore, most property owners go for alternatives like laminate flooring that looks like wood but water-and scratch-resistant yet more affordable.

Lighting Fixtures

Most builders offer standard lighting fixtures that aren’t anything special. Even the upgraded fixtures in the market are not exciting. Nevertheless, you can find original and stylish lighting at an affordable price. Therefore, builder upgrades might not make sense. The best choice is to allow the builder to install standard fixtures and swap them out after finding a better option.

Bump out in the Master Bedroom

Having extra square footage in your master bedroom might seem sensible. However, master bedroom additions have the most negligible value compared to other improvements to this space. In most cases, a bump out costs around $5,000, depending on the area it adds. While this upgrade seems desirable, going for it doesn’t make sense.

Crown Molding

Most builders sell their crown molding for cabinets, walls, or both. But this upgrade is expensive yet easy for them to install. But crown molding only serves aesthetic purposes without increasing your home’s value. Therefore, resisting the urge to upgrade with crown molding is the best option. Instead, save the money for a different upgrade.

Marble Countertops

Homeowners have installed marble countertops in their kitchens for a long time. However, this installation is a poor investment. Marble is incredibly porous, meaning it stains and chips quickly. Therefore, installing it in a kitchen where you can’t avoid spills is a headache. So, consider quartz instead of marble, though the option is a bit expensive.

When upgrading your new construction, be intelligent and creative. That way, you will go for upgrades that are worth your money.